About HealStammering – Best Stammering Cure Centre in Bhopal (MP), Delhi, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Lucknow (UP)

One of the finest institutes for curing stammering, “Healstammering” provides intensive training session to people who have disruption in their fluency of speaking. Our institute has a team of adept members who are specialised in curing people with stammering disorder starting from minor to severe level. We provide scientific remedies for curing stammerers which are proven to help them reduce their condition to a lot extent.

Mr. Farooque Khan who is the founder and director of the institute Healstammering, was oneself suffered from stammering disability. After getting cured with sheer practice and patience, he opened this institution for training the students. Here one will get the facility to train themselves in all modern practices like coastal breathing, airflow, prolongation technique and many others. The man behind the program himself trains every individual following the proper methods. He deeply empathizes with the trainees and understands that not all people can be cured by one single method. After diagnosing every individual deeply, he assigns them different activities to perform which helps them to overcome their situation with absolute ease. Moreover, he is a great motivational speaker which is necessary for people with speech disorder to cure their stammering.

All the individuals in our institute have special requirements, and we show them the right path to reach their goals. After taking the full course from our institution, we do not shed our responsibilities. We monitor every individual for a span of time to check their progress. On special cases we invite the trainee to attend other sessions to make sure they do not get left behind.

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