Stammering and Why It Cannot Be Cured With the Help of Medicine

Stammering and Why It Cannot Be Cured With the Help of Medicine

Stammering is a significant problem seen in most individuals where there is a disruption in the flow of speech. People struggle to overcome this situation since it triggers low self-esteem, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, fear, depression, frustration, isolation, etc. Now, did you know what causes this condition and whether it’s curable or not? Well, read on to know more.

Stammering and its psychological effect

Dis-fluency is a condition which can hamper the general flow of life. Basically it is the prolonged use of words or a struggle to spell the words fluently. It occurs as a result of a neurological dysfunction based in the connecting system of the brain. Researchers have found a stark difference between the anatomy and the functioning of the brain of a normal person to that of one who stammers. The person suffering from this condition can face embarrassment while speaking publicly that can ruin their self-esteem.

Now, if you are suffering from this type of condition or are concerned about somebody close, there are various therapies that can help you alleviate this problem.However, there are no sets of proper treatments that can cure this condition. Here are the reasons why stammering has no proper solution.

  • It is a psychological disorder which happens as a result of a flaw in the makeup of the brain.
  • Two types of stuttering namely neurogenic and psychogenic can occur at any time disrupting the normal flow of speech.
  • It develops during the child’s rapid development period when language skills, motor skills, temperament and social interaction grow.
  • Stuttering or stammering generally starts at a very young age especially between the years two and a half and four.
  • Emotional problems, neurological problems, improper reactions given by close ones, lack of proper language planning, speech motor difficulties, etc.

Why medicines are not effective?

When your body has obvious bodily dysfunction in metabolism, medicine tends to work. However, stammering being a psychological problem rather than an anatomic one is not responsive to medicines.

There are no proper ways that the condition of stammering can be treated. No magic pills have been found which can cure stammering within a short time frame. The reason for this is a behavioral problem which is imbibed in the attitude of the person rather than being an anatomical or metabolic one. However, what you can do is to participate in speech therapies which can help you speak with fluency.

Speech Therapies

Numerous speech therapies institutions are opened where pathologists help you to overcome your speech related problem. They will assist you in speaking properly without any hitches by focusing on the factors that cause speech disruption in the first place. Moreover, they also help you build confidence by SWOT analysis; by identifying the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats that stand as significant factors in stammering.

Well, if you are troubled with the thoughts of how to cure stammering, worry not because speech therapy can treat this condition to some extent. Moreover, it will also help you to gain confidence that is an important part of the stammering.

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