What is Stammering?

Stammering is a condition of speech cause by occasional disruption or struggle to get the words out. One experiences blockage of language or repetition of words or letters while speaking. Not only this,she/he also faces situations when words get stuck resulting in a silent blocking. There are instances when the person who has this condition put in extra words or sounds to fill up the silence caused by the interruption. Most often, people stammer in uncomfortable situations or where they are under stress on the other hand, the tendency to stammer decreases when they are in familiar situations. This concludes that stammering is not constant but changes according to mood, time, people and place.

Now, stammering can be categorised into two types –

Habitual stammering – In this type of stammering, people stammer both in front of strangers or family members. The stuttering is more likely to increase when the person is under stressors feeling guilty/ shy, being frightened, etc. Moreover, they also face episodes of stammering when they are feeling awkward and embarrassed which lead to low self-esteem.

Situational stammering–Sometimes, people stammer according to the situation which she/he is undergoing for instance, mood, mind-set, fear, people, guilt, excitement, shame, shyness, etc. Most of the people suffer from this particular type of stammering which can be cured by speech therapy or by boosting of confidence.

There are a lot of myths and folklore associated with stammering. Numerous herbal treatments, medicines and potions are recommended by many which actually prove to be futile since it is a neurological problem. However, it can be cured with speech therapists by professional pathologists. Also, since most of the time it is a behavioral problem, a person can speak fluently with the right practice and the right amount of patience.


Stuttering is the other name of stammering. “Stammering” is generally used in the UK, Ireland and India. The word “stuttering” is usual in the North America or Australia.

What causes stammering?

Stammering is a neurological condition that develops at a very early age. Different factors are responsible for the onset of this particular disorder like imitation of other people who stammer consequences of a serious disease, anxiety, rudeness, bad parenting, embarrassment, shyness, very fast speaking habit, lack of co-ordination between thinking and speaking, etc. In many cases genes are found to be responsible for causing stammering in people whereas in the others, the disorder develops themselves.