Debunking the Myths of Stuttering Which You Almost Considered As the Truth

Debunking the Myths of Stuttering Which You Almost Considered As the Truth

Stuttering is a common problem since ages. Various myths and folklore have been formed revolving the disruption of speech which often sounds like th……is, or ththth this. As you can see, the pronunciation is a bit different from the regular flow of speech which has been considered as something eccentric which has been caused by some mystical reasons. For instance, there’s a saying that the mother of the stuttering child saw a snake during her pregnancy or she ate a living grasshopper which caused this condition in the child.

Well, there are numerous other myths that are prevalent in a society which has been passed through generations. Let’s have a look at those common sayings which are in no way related to the true nature of stuttering.

  • Myth 1 – Nervousness cause stuttering

Many people are under the impression that nervousness causes stammering. You must have seen fluent people stammering while speaking publicly or when they are under stress. This naturally makes people assume that the one who stammers are nervous which causes this dis-fluency.

The truth – Stuttering is a neurological disorder which is not related to nervousness. Fluent people might stammer when they are nervous, however, it is not the reason for inherent stammering.

  • Myth 2 – Bad parenting causes stuttering

Often, people think that a child’s stuttering is caused by a dominating atmosphere where stress is the underlying factor. Also, the incapability of expressing properly has been seen as another vital reason for this particular condition.

The truth – In contrary to the popular belief, bad parenting is not the cause for stammering in a child. However, negative atmosphere can exacerbate the condition as low self-esteem catalyses stuttering.

  • Myth 3 – People who stutter are not smart

Stuttering is a sign of weakness to many people. However, this condition is not connected with the intelligence of a person in any way. Many scientists, educationists and well known television personalities have achieved success in their respective fields without being hindered by this disability.

The truth – A few famous personalities who had this condition are Marilyn Monroe, Tiger Woods, Julia Roberts, Winston Churchill and many others. So, if you have been thinking that the person who is stammering lacks sharpness, it’s time to change your perception.

  • Myth 4 – Left handed child who are forced to be right handed suffer from stammering

One of the most widely accepted myth about stammering is that stammering is caused when left handed child are forced to do their work with right hand. People in the 20th century believed in this myth until the 1940s when this truth was debunked by the researchers.

The truth – Well, the above mentioned reason is not the root cause of stammering. However, the stress that a left handed child undergoes while doing their work with right hand is said to trigger the effect of stuttering.

Now, as you have seen the general notions about stuttering that you believed is not valid scientifically. There are numerous other legends and myths revolving around this condition that in no way cause a child to stutter.


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