How we cure Stammering?

Stammering is a disorder which can be cured with proper research based techniques which are proven to have cured many people within a short span of time. There are multiple factors that become the cause for stammering. However, we have integrated research based physical and mental programme in our training session which helps the person with this particular disorder overcome the problem.

Down below is the list of techniques which one can try for improving their fluency.

  • Physical Techniques

These techniques consist of –

  1. Coastal Breathing – One of the most powerful breathing styles where one has to fill the lungs with air slowly and smoothly. We supervise you in a proper manner so that you can inhale and exhale the breath in the appropriate manner that will work in controlling the flow of your speech. The main task in this step is to control breathe which is a powerful exercise in treating stammering.
  2. Airflow technique – Another vital practice which is effective for people with moderate stammering disorder is the airflow technique. In this method, words and letters are flown with air focussing on the inner chest.

In short we focus on the co-ordination between breathing and the way of speaking. This is the reason it is important to practice this technique under right guidance and supervision.

It is also important to speak properly with proper coordination of words and air. This will ultimately help you in speaking without stammering at frequent intervals.

  1. Prolongation technique – Sometimes when words do not come with airflow technique, our experts add prolongation to the first letter of the word which creates a rhythm and smoothness so that it comes out easily. This prolongation technique is applicable to people with moderate to severe stammering level.
  2. Mind tuning technique – This type of practice is done to improve the fluency of habitual stammerers who stammer in front of everyone irrespective of the degree of familiarity with a person. Here, we focus on the singing the first letter of the word along with air flow and prolongation technique which will eventually help one to overcome the problem.
  3. Public speaking – Most of the people have stage freight or the phobia to speak in public places. This often leads to the increase of stammering. In our special session we encourage students to encounter stranger people so that they might overcome the basic shyness. Firstly, there is a one to one interaction followed by interviews or group interaction. After that we boost their confidence up by asking them to participate in giving public speech in large crowds.

All these methods are made to ensure you don’t face embarrassment which would cause you to stutter. Once a person overcomes this initial fear of facing the crowds and speaking, stammering would no longer come as a barrier.

All these techniques are taught by specialised trainers in our institute who will help you to get the bid stammering a goodbye.

  • Mental Techniques

Practising mental techniques is imperative as stammering is almost a behavioural problem. It is rather in the mind than in the tongue so one has to do a lot of mental exercises to overcome this difficulty.

In our institute we teach three mental techniques –

  1. Creative visualisation – In this technique we help the students by letting them imagine a situation where they are scared of speaking. In this imaginary setup they are speaking with full confidence where people are listening to them and even appreciating them. This type of imaginary visualisation helps the people who stammers gain the wish and confidence to overcome the situation with ease.
  2. Self-talk – Another interesting technique which has helped a lot of people is talking to own self. It means introspection of the deep thoughts and filling oneself with positive ideas. In this technique we help the students to focus on their inner self and where they will convince themselves that they can overcome stammering with ease. All the positive thoughts would help them to get the feeling in their sub conscious that their stammering will be cured that would ultimately help one on achieving the result.
  3. Meditation – Meditating helps one to concentrate. When one practises meditation, she/he attains the calmness which is necessary for achieving any goals. It reduces negative thoughts, anxiety, stress etc. which plays a major role in stammering.